Unearth Ancient Secrets in After the End: Forsaken Destiny

After the End: Forsaken Destiny ($3.99) by NEXON M Inc. is a puzzle adventure game that will definitely give your brain a workout while providing some stunning eye candy. If you enjoyed games like Monument Valley and Causality, but want some adventure thrown into the mix like Lara Croft GO, then After the End: Forsaken Destiny is the game for you....After the End features a breathtaking visual style that is reminiscent of other isometric games like Monument Valley and even Pan-Pan, which I reviewed yesterday. After the End also sports a nice low-poly aesthetic, so everything looks a bit more jagged and artsy, and there is a bit of a blurry dreamscape effect thrown in to the mix as well, giving it more depth. The color palette in After the End is full of rich, earthy tones with a dash of soft pastels that accentuate everything nicely. The game has cutscenes that are beautifully animated and immersive, pulling you into the world and story of a father and son on their duo journey together in parallel paths. Animation during gameplay is smooth and fluid, with no lag on my iPhone 7. There is also a soothing atmospheric soundtrack with a hint of melancholy that draws you in to the game’s universe, as well as delightful sound effects when you interact with the environment and objects. Overall, I believe NEXON did a great job with After the End in terms of the visuals and audio....In After the End, even though it’s an episodic puzzle adventure game, it’s still level-based rather than open-world like Pan-Pan. This means that players must solve the puzzles that are in front of them before they can move on to the next area and level. If you like a particular stage enough, you can go back and replay it through the game’s level selection screen. Things start out easy enough, but the difficulty of the puzzles will increase as you make progress in the game, so stay on your toes。