Apple Arcade: 'Assemble With Care' Review - Beautiful Storytelling Meets Fun, Quirky Puzzles

Assemble With Care is an absolutely amazing game with puzzles in the form of real-world items to be repaired, simple controls, and a story that’ll keep you reading until the very end. Literally. I am guilty of skipping through dialogues in countless games, but I couldn’t skip this one. Every scene is beautifully voice acted and each moment in the story is an adventure in and of itself....Once the tutorial is over, the real fun begins. After each cutscene (which I highly recommend you watch as the story is one of this game’s strongest points) you’ll take apart, fix, and reassemble various items. This could include anything from a simple yet meaningful cassette recorder to a rich woman’s camera and even a cafe’s neon sign with customizable options. You’ll be repairing broken, mangled gears with shiny new ones, changing out and hooking up wires appropriately, replacing smashed or otherwise damaged parts, and screwing and unscrewing and re-screwing things over and over again. There are even a few mini-games which I’d hate to spoil for you, so I’ll opt to keep them a secret....This game is perfect for anyone with a love of stories, puzzles, and fixing things alike, but I highly recommend everyone take a quick peek at it. There’s an even balance between story and puzzle so I doubt you’ll find it lacking in any one area. Assemble With Care is truly one of the best apps I’ve played in far too long and really left me wanting more even though the story was wrapped up quite well. No matter if you’re still in your parents’ house or already having children of your own, I feel confident in recommending this game to each and every one of you.。